Diploma In Retail Management

KPT(JPS)600-03/577(20) (A5795)

The retail industry is a key sector of Malaysia's vibrant economy. There is an increasing focus on creating clear skills and career advancement routes to raise the professionalism of jobs, improve customer service and retail productivity to make the retail industry an attractive long-term employment option.

This Diploma offered by ACIC is one of its kind, which is uniquely designed through extensive research into the needs of the industry and its relevance to the career requirements. This course will train students exclusively in the processes, technologies and trends of retail management. The training aims to help both large as well as small retailers in Malaysia to level up and bring world class service standards in the specialised field of retailing. Students will be exposed to a powerful set of concepts that will serve them, not just in a retailing career pathway, but in any business field they choose that requires serving customers and successfully meeting corporate goals.

In the first year, training will focus on providing a strong business foundation and building students’ awareness of the nature and demands of the retail industry. In the second and third years, analytical and specialised subjects on the various aspects of retail management are offered. There is a strong emphasis on active learning and practical hands-on training in this course. Students will be exposed to up-to-date computer-based learning materials and methodologies and software application packages currently used in the retail industry. Highly specialised skills will be acquired through subjects such as Retail Communication, Visual Merchandising Management, E-Retailing, Food Retailing, Fashion Retailing, Retail Buying and so on.

Apart from taking academic subjects, students will also undergo an 8-week attachment to a company selected by the College or students themselves.